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Dressing for Success is a two part event-one part educational, and one part philanthropic. First, a keynote speaker educates our members about appropriate business attire for various settings, such as a job interview, a business dinner, or a cocktail hour. Past keynotes have included Ali Yarkin from Prada, and Joan Shepp, of Joan Shepp Boutiques. Both speakers offered our members their perspectives on dressing appropriately in a business setting, while staying style conscious. The second part of our event is a philanthropic fundraiser for a charity. In an auction selling designer items such as Longchamp handbags, Gucci purses, and Tiffany’s necklaces, members raise money to donate to a worthy cause. Over the past two years, Wharton Women has been honored to donate over $2000 to the American Cancer Society, as well as over $1000 to Women’s Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to providing business attire for low-income women.